Shaping the Beautiful Future.

Education is the most powerful weapon for changing the world. It is not about a title or an arts designation to be a leader.

Future Students

Solving critical and complex global problems with the help of quality education.

Our Community

We have created a huge inclusive community of students from all around the Sunsari District.

Best Curriculum

We have developed the best curriculum for our students based on research.

Islamic Education

Our carefully structured Islamic education program integrates Quranic studies & Islamic values.


Why Choose Nawa Jyoti English School

Embark on a transformative educational journey that empowers minds, shapes character, and illuminates a path toward a brighter future.

Academic Excellence

Our core academic programs lay the foundation for a successful future. With a focus on subjects like mathematics, sciences, languages, and humanities, we ensure that our students acquire a strong intellectual base that prepares them for challenges beyond the classroom.

Islamic Studies &Values

At Nawa Jyoti English School, we integrate Islamic studies into our curriculum, imparting essential values and teachings. Our students gain not only worldly knowledge but also a deep understanding of Islamic principles, promoting a balanced  approach to life.

Extracurricular Activities

We believe that education extends beyond textbooks. Our extracurricular activities encompass sports, cultural pursuits, arts, and more. These activities empower students to discover their passions, nurture talents, and build well-rounded skill sets.


We are committed to giving every child the best start in life to built better Future.

Nawa Jyoti English School stands as a symbol of educational brilliance, dedicated to fostering a vibrant learning atmosphere that nurtures academic excellence, instills values, and promotes holistic development in every student.


Kind words from our parents.

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Modern Infrastructure and Supportive Facilities

Our well-equipped classrooms, advanced laboratories, extensive library, and cutting-edge amenities empower students to explore, learn, and thrive.

Learning & Fun

we believe in creating an atmosphere where learning is not only educational but also enjoyable, sparking curiosity and creativity in young minds.

Qualified Teachers

Our team of experienced and qualified educators is committed to delivering top-notch education, fostering a passion for learning in every student.

Safe Pickup & Drop

We prioritize your child's safety with a reliable pickup and drop-off system, giving you peace of mind as they travel to and from school.

Helpful Staffs

Our dedicated and friendly staff members are always ready to provide guidance and support, ensuring a welcoming environment.


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